How To Paint Your Porch

How To Paint Your Porch | Purcellpro Painting | Willow Grove PA Painter Services

The warmer weather is here, finally.

Is it just me, or was this winter longer and rougher than most?

Either way, it looks like the frost is finally gone for another season, and we can all start enjoying our outdoor spaces once again.

As you look around, you might find your porch has lost its luster over the last season.

Like the rest of the paint in your home, your front porch paint needs regular maintenance.

If you’d like to hire a residential exterior painting company to take care of the job, we’re here for you.

But if you’d like to give it a shot yourself, read on to find out more.

How To Paint Your Porch

The first step is to determine if it’s really a paint job your porch needs.

If it’s made of wood, take a closer look at the wood in more heavily trafficked areas and near any water spouts you have.

If you’re starting to see the wood rot away or the concrete crumble, you might want to consider actually rebuilding your porch in the first place, rather than just a paint job.

However, if it’s still in decent shape but it just doesn’t look as fresh as it used to, consider the following steps for how to paint your porch.

1: Prepping Your Porch

Prep work is always the least exciting part of a paint job, and for good reason.

It takes extra time to do it right.

It’s hard work, sanding away on your hands and knees.

And in most cases, it makes your porch look worse before it gets better.

But it will give you a better looking, longer-lasting paint job in the end.

First, take everything off of your porch.

Then cover the area around your porch with drop cloths to catch the mess you’ll be making.

Now, sweep off your porch, then spray it with your hose to get the stragglers.

If you have a pressure washer, that will work even better.

Make sure you spray between the boards as well if you have a wooden porch.

Dirt and debris can become stuck in between there, and if you don’t clean it up it will end up trapped in your paint brush.

That’ll ruin your new paint job really quick.

If you have a concrete porch, scrub it with TSP.

Then scrape off any debris stuck to your porch, as well as flaking paint.

You’ll need a scraper for this part.

After, use sandpaper to smooth the edges of the remaining paint.

Once it’s finished, spray off your porch once more, and then go grab a drink and relax – you deserve it!

Come back tomorrow, and we’ll get down to work.

2: Etching Your Porch

This step is only for if you have a concrete porch.

If yours is made of wood, feel free to move on to step 3.

For concrete, the best way to get paint to stick to it is to etch it.

To etch your concrete porch, scrub it with a solution of no more than 10% hydrochloric acid and water.

This can be a little dangerous, so be sure you’re wearing gloves, protective goggles, and other skin coverings.

Mix the solution according to whatever is written on the container, then scrub your porch with the acid and a stiff wire brush.

Once it stops bubbling, you can rinse it with clean water.

After that, wait three hours. If you find certain parts of it aren’t dried yet, rinse it again.

This is because the parts that aren’t dried may still contain acid, and can lead to paint sticking in an uneven fashion.

Once the porch is dry, use a wet-dry vacuum to suck up any remaining powder or debris, and get rid of anything that remains with a damp rag.

Now you’re ready for stage 3

proper ways to paint the exterior of your house | Purcellpro Painting | Willow Grove PA Painter Services

3: Priming Your Porch

Whether your porch is concrete or wood, at this point you should be ready for priming.

If you have a wooden porch, you’ll want to use two coats of primer, but with a concrete porch you can get away with just one.

Start with a paintbrush, cutting in corners and in harder to reach spots.

Next, get out your roller and roll the rest of it.

Let each coat dry for at least 8 hours before doing the next one.

4. Paint!

This is usually the most exciting part, because it’s where your porch starts looking the way you want it.

When you go to the paint store, make sure to get paint designed to be walked on.

You might have some leftover paint in your garage from another project, but this isn’t going to be as effective.

Just like your primer, start with a paintbrush and cut in the harder to reach spots and corners.

Next, get out your roller and roll the rest.

In most cases you’ll need at least two coats of paint.

Again, let it dry for several hours before painting over it again.

Once it’s done, make sure everyone stays off it for at least two days to let it properly dry.

That includes the dog, and the cat as well.

If you’d like to get some more traction on your stairs, consider mixing a little bit of sand in with your paint.

Not too much, just a little.

And make sure it’s even grain, like the type you’d buy for a child’s sandbox.

Painting with your sandy paint will give people greater grip on your stairs, reducing the risk of falls.

How To Paint Your Porch Railing

Painting a porch railing is a little trickier, since you run a greater risk of unsightly drips and inconsistency.

When you’re doing so, start with the top and sides of the rail.

Then paint the bottom of the top rail.

Then paint one side of the spindles, then the other.

If you have a bottom rail, paint it last.

This top-down approach makes it easier for you to catch any drips that might show up along the way.

Call PurcellPro Painters

If you’d like to paint your porch yourself, we won’t stop you.

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