Oil Based Paint Vs Latex Paint

Oil Based Paint Vs Latex Paint | Purcellpro Painting | Residential Painter Services

Home renovations can be complicated and costly.

The finished product should reflect your vision, and last generations.

It’s important to review every detail so there are no surprises during the upgrading of your home.

Whether to use oil based paint or latex paint is one of the most popular questions homeowners ask us here at our exterior residential painting company.

Oil based paint and latex paint are quite different from each other and excel in different areas.

Knowing which paint to apply to which surface can help you budget and set you up for success.

Some paints need primers, while others need longer to dry.

Whether you’re painting the interior or exterior of your home, you’re looking for a paint with lasting durability.

You want your paint job to stay vibrant without becoming brittle and cracking, so you don’t have to repaint in another ten years.

Of course, if all this seems like too much of a hassle, you can rely on Purcell Pro Painting to produce the highest quality results for your painting project.

Let’s take a closer look.

Comparing Oil Based Paint Vs Latex Paints

The difference between oil and latex paint lies in their composition and applications.

Latex, or acrylic paint, is composed of water, and is better suited to larger surfaces in the home’s interior.

However, it’s less durable is places with high humidity, such as bathrooms.

Oil based paint is made from oil, and is commonly used for metal, wood surfaces, and canvas.

Oil based paint leaves a beautiful glossy finish that’s smooth and luxurious.

But isn’t oil toxic to your health?

Latex paint tends to be cost effective, but will the colors be as vivid?

Let’s explore.

Which Is Easier To Use?

Oil based paint is thicker and harder to spread, taking slightly longer to cover a surface.

It has a strong odor and is much more difficult to clean out of clothing and furniture if spilled.

You also need to apply a primer before painting with oil, adding an extra step to your project.

Latex paint is thinner, smells better, and is easier to use.

You don’t always need a primer with latex, and the drying time is significantly less.

Your paint should be dry in 2 hours, while oil paint can take days to fully dry.

Which Is Best For House Painting?

Oil based paints can be used for the kitchen, bathroom, and the exterior of your home.

They’re more durable, stain resistant, and harder when dry.

They also tend to cover better in a single coat than latex, which means you don’t need as much paint.

The result is a brilliant, glossy, and smooth finish.

Oil based paints are a perfect choice for doors, windows, and trim.

For materials like drywall, plaster, and stucco, a latex paint is recommended.

You can also use latex on wood, fiber, cement, and aluminum siding.

If you’re painting over steel, you need to start with a primer.

Oil based primers are preferred by most homeowners, especially if you can’t tell the type of paint previously used.

They create an even surface for the new paint to adhere to and can bond well with both latex and oil based paint.

If you’re painting over wood, latex paints must be sanded between coats.

However, once cured, latex paints will last longer without cracking or peeling.

what you need to know about oil paint and latex paint for your next painting project | Purcellpro Painting | Residential Painter Services

Which Is Most Versatile

Oil based paints are a reliable choice for metal surfaces like the stair railing, metal gate, or metal garage door.

It’s not based on water suspension, so there’s no potential for rust.

But oil based paint lacks versatility.

Latex paint is preferred for the larger interior spaces like bedrooms, hallways, and living rooms, or the showroom in your commercial painting project.

Because latex is acrylic, it can be used with other materials, such as pastel, charcoal, pen, and marker.

With latex paint you can use sponges, stencils, and smaller brushes to create unique textures and designs.

They can also be diluted with water to create a watercolor effect.

It’s perfect for a mural in the kid’s playroom or bedroom.

Which Is Most Durable?

Oil based paints are more durable and stain resistant than latex.

They also tend to stick better to damaged surfaces, like when painting damaged wood.

However, they may eventually turn yellow or oxidize with age.

Latex paint is more vulnerable to the elements, but has a long, lasting vibrancy indoors.

Which Has The Widest Variety Of Colors?

Latex paint has the widest variety of colors, and a range of gloss and matt finishes.

However, certain colors are only available in oil paint, such as Prussian blue and Zinc white.

If you’re looking for neon pigments, latex paint is your only option.

What Do They Smell Like?

Oil paint has a pungent odor that can be toxic to inhale when wet.

You may want to wear a mask while mixing and applying your oil paint.

It is best to avoid use in poorly ventilated areas and allow the odor to diffuse before entering your freshly painted space.

Latex paint has a light odor that diffuses quickly after applying.

What’s The Price Point Like?

Latex paint is water based, and therefore very affordable.

Oil paint isn’t as easily produced or readily available.

It can cost up to 40% more than latex paints.

Remember that with latex paint you often need to apply a primer.

This should be factored into the costs of your project.

What About Health Wise

Although oil based paint is still commonly used for certain projects, it can be hazardous to your health.

Special precaution should be used when working with it, and ventilation is key.

Oil based paint also requires a certain solvent to clean up spills and stained skin, which is toxic to our health.

The Bottom Line

There is no limit to the range of surfaces you can paint, or the number of times a surface can be painted.

Each paint excels in different areas, and there is a paint for every project.

Oil paints goes on more smoothly and covers more thoroughly in one coat, but requires special care, and their fumes can be overwhelming.

Latex paint is everywhere today and it’s easy to find a wide variety of products.

The bottom line is that latex paint should be used wherever possible.

It’s affordable, non-toxic, easy to work with, quick to dry, versatile, and lasts longer.

When it comes to plaster, drywall, stucco, siding (wood, fiber, cement foundation, aluminum), and porch floors, latex paint is superior.

For full technical assistance on paint types, paint colors, and the painting project itself, you may want to hire a professional painting company.

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