Which Is Better – Rolling Or Spray Paint?

Which Is Better – Rolling Or Spray Paint? | Purcellpro Painting | Willow Grove PA Painter Services

If you’re considering painting your home or business, there are many questions to answer.

Some folks opt to do it themselves, rather than hiring a professional painter in Willow Grove, PA.

That’s understandable, if you have the time and the knowledge.

But most folks these days prefer to work with someone experienced in interior and exterior house painting in Willow Grove.

Either way, though, it will help you to have the knowledge to understand what makes a good paint job.

If you’re going to do it yourself, you ought to know what you’re doing – that’s a no-brainer.

And if you’re going to hire a professional, it helps to recognize whether or not they’re doing a good job.

What Is Spray Paint?

When you first think of spray paint, you might think of the stuff that comes in a can that graffiti artists use to paint the murals you see on the sides of buildings in the downtown section of a major city.

And yes, that’s a kind of spray paint.

It’s one kind of painting you can do with it, as well.

But there’s more to it than that.

Spray painting refers to a specific technique, where a device sprays a material – usually paint, but not always – onto a surface.

When it comes to residential painting, spray paint uses compressed gas to push the paint out onto the wall.

It’s commonly used for painting all sorts of things, as large as buildings and as small as your fingernails.

Benefits Of Using Spray Paint

When it comes to coating smaller surfaces, a professional painter will generally use a brush.

But for larger surfaces, like walls, that sort of precision is not only unnecessary, it makes the entire process take a lot longer than it needs to.

As a result, your professional Willow Grove painter will use either spray paint or a roller.

Why would they choose one over the other?

Spray paint tends to be quicker, first of all.

Because the paint comes out evenly, it tends to provide a more even finish and more uniform coating as well.

This can make it the most cost-effective way to paint large spaces, saving you on both labor and on the amount of paint you need to buy.

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Drawbacks Of Using Spray Paint

Spray paint isn’t the perfect solution, however.

It tends to be the best option for large surfaces, but for smaller areas it’s usually easier to use a roller.

This is because spray paint is, by its very nature, messier than rolling.

If you’re spraying a smaller area, it will take a lot more taping off and masking of the surrounding areas to make it worthwhile.

After all, one of the main benefits is the time you save, but all that saved time goes out the window with the time spent protecting the surrounding areas.

For the same reason, spray painting is ideal for either exterior painting or a new home build or renovation where there isn’t much that needs to be covered.

But even then, if it’s a windy day out the spray paint won’t cut it.

As well, there are certain types of paint that are harder to spray with.

This includes elastomeric paint, made for painting masonry and brickwork.

Which Option Is Right For You? Ask The Pros At Purcellpro Painting

If you’re planning on painting your home or business, it’s not as simple as just picking up a paint brush and slapping some color on the wall.

But you lead a busy life, and it’s not college anymore.

The free time and energy you used to have for such projects just isn’t there like it used to be.

Instead of stressing yourself out with trying to do it yourself, why not give the pros a call?

Call us today at Purcellpro Painters – whatever you need, if it has to do with painting, we’ll take care of it.

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