Why Is My Paint Cracking?

Why Is My Paint Cracking? | Purcellpro Painting | Willow Grove PA Painter Services

So your beautiful paint job is starting to crack, huh?

This is a more common problem than you might realize, and there are several different reasons for it.

Some of them you can control, and others you can’t.

Often, though, cracking paint is a result of a poor job painting in the first place.

If you’ve got cracking paint and you’re not sure why, contact a commercial painting/residential painting contractor like PurcellPro Painters.

Here are some of the most common reasons why you might have cracking paint, and what you can do about it.

It Might Just Be Old

This is one of the most common reasons for cracking paint.

Even the best painting job won’t last forever.

A quality paint job should last at least ten years or so – maybe a bit less if it’s in a high traffic area.

If your paint job is getting to this age, it might be time to replace it.

Of course, many people tend to redo their paint before the 10 year mark.

Sometimes it’s because of an issue, but more often than not they just want a new color on the wall.

If your paint job has survived a decade, it doesn’t owe you anything.

Go ahead and replace it.

You Might Not Have Prepared Properly

When it comes to DIY painting, a lot of people think it’s just about dipping a brush and slapping it on the wall.

Not quite.

There’s a lot of work that goes into preparing a surface for painting, and if you don’t do it properly you’ll end up with paint that won’t stick.

Some examples of poor prep work include:

  • Not cleaning the surface you want to paint
  • Not sanding the surface you want to paint
  • Not scraping chipped or damaged paint
  • Not using primer
  • Using the wrong type of primer

You’re Using Too Much Paint

When you’re painting, it often takes multiple coats to properly cover the surface you’re working on.

Some novice painters will get the idea of globbing more paint on each coat in order to save time.

It doesn’t work that way.

Using a heavy coat of paint can cause your paint to crack more easily.

This is because its thickness makes it more brittle.

It can lead to other issues as well though, including dripping paint and paint bubbles.

When painting, use thin, even layers of paint.

how to prevent your paint from cracking on your walls | Purcellpro Painting | Willow Grove PA Painter Services

You’re Using Cheap Paint

Paint is paint, right?

It’s just color and water.

One type of paint should be pretty much the same as the next, right?


Think of paint like a pair of shoes.

Sure, the cheap one and the expensive one will look more or less the same on day 1.

But a year into it, you’ll be replacing the cheap one, and the expensive one will be no worse for wear.

Cheap paint doesn’t last very long.

And it tends to crack and peel easier than the more expensive kind.

If course, if you’re on a tight budget you might consider opting for the cheap stuff.

But if you can swing it, spend a few extra bucks on the higher quality paint.

Your walls will thank you.

You Didn’t Wait For Paint To Dry

I know, I know – you’re excited about finishing up your paint job so you can put your room back together.

But look, paint needs time to dry.

If you slap some paint on the walls and then slap another coat on right away, it can cause some problems for you.

But how long should you wait before applying the second coat of paint?

The answer to this depends on what type of paint you’re using.

If you’re using oil based paint, leave at least six to eight hours for it to dry.

If it’s a weekend project, finish painting on Saturday and then go to bed and put the next coat on Sunday morning.

With latex paint, on the other hand, you can be good to paint the second coat in as little as an hour.

This is just one of the many reasons why people opt for latex paint.

Consult your paint can for more specifics on how to use your paint.

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