Why Is Your Exterior Paint Job Peeling?

Why Is Your Exterior Paint Job Peeling? | Purcellpro Painting | Willow Grove PA Painter Services

Few things are more frustrating than to work hard at something, only to find out what you thought you did correctly was all a big mistake.

Such is the case with exterior house painting jobs that go bad.

Now, when we’re talking about exterior paint jobs peeling, we’re not talking about that paint job that’s been on the walls for decades.

It’s not exactly a mystery why paint old enough to buy alcohol is peeling.

We mean a new exterior paint job, one that’s fresh and exciting.

The truth is that painting might seem simple – just dip your brush and slap on the paint – but it’s a lot harder than that.

Here are some of the most common reasons why your exterior paint job isn’t sticking.

You Skipped The Prep Work

Paint needs a surface to stick to.

That should come as no surprise.

But while some folks think a coat of paint covers all sins, it’s not quite that simple.

It’s important to prepare your painting surface before you begin work.

If you’re painting a wood surface, that means scraping away the chipped and peeling paint, as well as sanding it down to give it a smoother finish.

If you’re painting siding, you’ll need to wash it away with a cleaning solution like TSP.

If you’re painting brick, like when painting your foundation, there’s a whole process involved.

This is the least enjoyable part of painting, so it’s not surprising when DIY painters tend to skip it.

But it’s also the most important part of painting, from the perspective of giving you a lasting finish.

You Used Cheap Paint

When you’re standing in your local paint store, you might wonder what the difference is between the cheap bucket of paint and the expensive brand.

And if you don’t know, you might be tempted to go with the cheaper stuff.

After all, a gallon of paint is a gallon of paint, right?

Not necessarily.

More expensive paint is often more expensive because it’s better quality.

The exterior residential paint colors are more vibrant, it sticks to the wall better, and it can often last for years longer than the cheap stuff.

At the same time, higher quality paint tends to cover surfaces better than the cheap stuff.

So while you pay more per gallon, you actually use less paint.

Cheaper isn’t always better, and that’s very true when it comes to paint.

You Painted Over A Different Type Of Paint

Especially if you have an older home, you might find you’re painting over older styles of paint that aren’t used as much anymore.

Lead paint has been banned in the state of Pennsylvania since 1978 – more than 40 years ago – but it’s still a problem because of how many old homes there are in the state.

But even if your home doesn’t have lead paint, you might be painting over oil based paint.

Once upon a time, if your home was painted with oil based paints you were stuck with continuing to paint it with oil based paint, as latex paints didn’t stick to it very well.

These days, there are latex paints designed to stick to a lower level of oil based paints, but it’s important to know what you’re painting over.

You Painted In Poor Weather Conditions

Paint isn’t as sensitive as it used to be.

It used to be that you could only paint outdoors in the summer, because spring and fall weather would lead to poor drying conditions.

These days, though, you can paint any time of year except the winter.

However, there are other things to consider.

Be sure to check the weather forecast before you start painting, as rain will ruin your paint job.

If your neighborhood happens to be dusty, like if there’s road work being done nearby, you might want to wait until the work finishes, as dust sticking to your paint job will take away from it.

High winds as well can lead to issues even if your neighborhood isn’t particularly dusty, so keep an eye for the weather. If the remnants of a tropical storm makes its way up the coast, wait for another weekend.

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You Used Interior Paint

Maybe you painted your kitchen cabinets last season, and you have a gallon of paint left over.

You notice one of the walls on the side of your house is looking a little rough, so you decide to paint it.

But you want to save a few bucks, so you just use the leftover paint.

Bad idea.

Exterior paint is designed to withstand the elements a lot more than interior paint does.

This includes things like wind, rain, snow, ice, animals crawling along it, and anything else nature can throw at it.

It also stands up better to the Sun’s rays.

That interior paint might last a season, if you’re lucky.

Spend the extra cash to get a gallon of exterior paint – you’ll thank yourself next season.

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